Counter Strike 1.6 LAN Tournament organized by ACM

On Friday, the 17th of March, ACM organized the first ever Counter Strike 1.6 LAN tournament on Burch University. 8 teams faced off, in search of glory, and only one prevailed.

Teams attending were:

Team Doberman
Team Immortals
Team Friends
Midnight Wolves
Team MKV
Team Phoenix
Bravo Mladi Kolega
Trigger Happy Coders

The results are the following:

Group phase:
Bravo Mladi Kolega – Phoenix: 16-5
Team Doberman – Team MKV: 16-5
Team Friends – Trigger Happy Coders: 16-5
Midnight Wolves – Team Immortals: 16-13

Bravo Mladi Kolega – Team Doberman: 16-6
Team Friends – Midnight Wolves: 16-9

Team Friends – Bravo Mladi Kolega: 16-7

We thank everyone for participating and congratulate Team Friends for taking the title and some valuable prizes.

An amazing experience and beautiful performances by the professors, assistants and students of multiple different universities. The tournament demonstrated that experience beats skill, and we had a lot of interesting stories and rivalries that have been created. Stay tuned for the CS LAN volume 2, coming later this year.

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