“Entrepreneurship 101” lecture by Professor Malcolm Duerod, held on Tuesday, 14.11.2017.

On Tuesday, the 14th of November, a lecture, “Entrepreneurship 101”, was held by professor Malcolm Duerod, in the Motif room on floor 1. The lecture had a large audience, mostly consisting of first year students, who were more than eager to learn some valuable things about starting their own business.

Professor Malcolm Duerod shared his life experiences, how he came to Bosnia and his advice for young students who are willing to start a business, but too afraid of the risk and commitment a startup requires.

“Find your interests. Gain skills. Realize the idea. And don’t be afraid to fail. When you learn to overcome failure that is when you will know you are successful. It will follow you through your life, but it will motivate you even more if you stay firm in your goals.”

Professor gave a few bullet points for the startup competition:

“Find a hero – somebody that motivates you to not give up. Have a dream. Feel free to set your own life goals and visualize what kind of life you want. Persevere, innovate and gain experience.”

Participants were interested to hear this motivational speech by professor Duerod and his Startup experience. Surely, the speech motivated students, contributed to their projects and ideas, therefore, anyone who hasn’t already applied is invited to become a part of this beneficial project and gain great business experience.

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